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The Poems I Have Not Written —

By johnlmalone

I am outside late at night

Writing poems

About the poems I have not written

The ones I’ve shied away from

Because of embarrassment

Or timidity

Or fear of shedding my jovial persona

And find Somewhat alarmingly

That the poems I have not written

Far outnumber those I have

John Malone is […]

The Poems I Have Not Written —

Have you ever wondered about your words?
Image by Florin Radu from Pixabay

I too, have stories that lay in the dust, not written for what reason I don’t know. Perhaps I worry about criticism, or failure, when I should be sharing what I am thinking with others.

I saw a comment one time that went something like this;

“When you are wondering if your idea is worth putting into a story, remember someone wrote a story about sharks coming out of a tornado.”

Unknown Author

Sharknado is a series of American disaster horror comedy science-fiction films released by Syfy starting in 2013. The sixth film concluded the series in 2018. It has since been expanded into video games and comics, including a spin-off film, Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness, that was released in 2015.

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The Monocle

The Monocle

By Kurt Frazier Sr.

Whose monocle is that? Oh, I know.

Its owner is quite unsettled though.

It really is a tale called woe.

I watch him frown. I cry hello.

He gives his monocle a shake.

And sobs until the tears forsake.

The only other sound’s the break,

Of distant waves and birds awake.

The monocle is antique, broken and deep.

Alas, he has promises to keep.

Until then he shall not sleep,

He lies beneath ducts that weep.

He rises from his bitter bed,

With thoughts of sadness in his head.

He idolizes being led,

To a land where dwells no dread.

Copyright © Kurt Frazier Sr. 2019