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His Name was Buzz

How do you come up with one hundred words for a story? Sitting down and pecking away at the keyboard is a  place to start.

Open your eyes, ears, and heart to whatever may inspire you. It may just be the fly that is buzzing in your left ear, and then your right one, that brings your imagination to life.

It is alive within you, isn’t it? I certainly hope so. I’m talking about your imagination. Not the fly, for dead flies do not buzz. Flies in my hometown only buzz when they are living.

What if flies were indestructible?


Christian father, grandfather, teacher, author. Everyday we live our lives by faith. The question is this; Who or what is the object of our faith? I chose to put my faith in Jesus Christ on September 10, 2000. Since then my life has not been the same. There have been mountain top days as well as days spent in the valleys of life, but each of those days my Lord has carried me through. I am assured that God is for me. Psalm 56:9 When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me. So, whatever you are facing today, you can have this confidence in the LORD. He is for you.

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